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  These ties are more than just a novelty...  
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  Made in the U.S.A., Camo Tie Company's introductory line of fine neckwear features Mossy Oak's Break-up®, Forest Floor® and Shadow Grass® camouflage patterns as well as Realtree's Hardwoods® HD™ pattern and Advantage Wetlands® pattern.

Those who don't know camouflage will appreciate Mossy Oak's pure deep colors that go with any color suit or khakis. Realtree's innovative new High Definition™ (HD) process provides rich camoflague patterns with improved depth, definition, and detail. Those who do know camoflague will see the same pattern that got them their last hunting story at the water cooler.

   Would you like to learn more about the fine neckwear available from Camo Tie Company?
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